The Grandma Deck

I just made up another small batch of The Grandma Deck.

This deck is part of an edition, but I do end up making up the decks one by one, because

I make one-of-a-kind pouches, and also stamp the backs of each card individually. So, a few will be adopted by their new home, and then I’ll make a few more up. It’s a fluid process.

The Grandma Deck is an art book in the form of a deck of cards, and is a memorial to my grandmother who died in 1998. This deck is hand printed using the Print Gocco and presented in a paper box, like a traditional deck of cards. This is an edition of 50 decks
The original images are hand drawn, collaged, and stamped. The edition is printed on CONQUERER Natural White Recycled Wove, which is also acid free. Each card measures 2.5 by 3.5 inches, and each deck contains 52 cards.

The four suits of this deck are: jars, bandaids, keys, and buttons.

Most cards have a grandmother memory along with the collage, such as “she spills her treasures trying to count exact change.”


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