The Raven

The Raven is a limited edition booster card to join The Totem Tarot.

From time to time I will release limited edition cards to join The Totem Tarot. Some of these cards will be new totems, some will be additional versions of original totems. They are intended to be unique and collectable and will be released in extremely limited editions. They will be sized and formatted to fit in with The Totem Tarot, and will be presented in a paper folder with information about the totem.

The Raven is the first The Totem Tarot booster card and is released in celebration of the release of The Totem Tarot. The Raven is available in an edition of only 22 cards (which is a reflection of the number of cards in the basic totem tarot deck).

The Raven is an explorer of the unknown, whether that unknown is physical, mental or spiritual. The Raven is a totem of knowledge and in many myths brings knowledge and gifts to his friends. The Raven is also a symbol of change (and sometimes death), although since The Raven is also a trickster, highly intelligent and able to best his friends and enemies, perhaps the myth that The Raven can predict death is all just a prank.

The Raven is available in my etsy shop.


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