The Tarot of Mom

The Tarot of Mom is in the form of a deck of tarot cards. 22 cards are included in this tarot-sized deck.

The Tarot of Mom is a tribute to motherly advice that I started to work on when my mother first became very sick. As she turned inward, taking more care of herself, the little child in me felt neglected.

This deck is about the advice and words I wished she was giving me during this time, when of course she was focusing on getting better, not taking care of her little girl.

Each card corresponds to a card in the traditional Major Arcana, and for you tarot purists, they are presented in order, starting with The Fool. The deck contains 22 cards, plus a title and colophon card, presented in a dark blue leather pouch. Cards are 2.5 x 5 inches, color photocopied, and laminated with a decorative paper backing.

All the materials used are acid free. Two of the advice cards included are: The Fool- Look Before You Leap and The Myth- Don’t believe what you see.

The Tarot of Mom has been shown in dog eared magazine and ARTitude Zine. If you’d like a set, let me know and we’ll work it out.



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