Your Heart Has Nine Lives

Your Heart Has Nine Lives is an altered book about my relationship with my youngest sister. It took me about 1 1/2 years to finish this book, which I completed in 2007. It was a tough time, too, as my relationship with Kellie has been very emotional. We’ve always been close. This book is about the years when our relationship had a mysterious falling out, which left me and her both feeling abandoned. I felt puzzled about who she is becoming. Many pages have been omitted from this online gallery because of privacy, but I’ve included enough to give you an idea of the contents!

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I use a lot of different materials in my altered books: paint, pastel, colored pencil, ink, collage, paper, wax—whatever seems to need to be used.


speaking of grandma…

I’ve been moving, and I came across this!

At Grandma’s House, one of the first books I ever made. The images are etchings, and I did some radical (for me, at the time) handstitching as well.

The Ashworth Deck

My family lived in our house on Ashworth Avenue since I was two. A couple of years ago, they finally sold it an moved on to bigger, better digs. This new house, though, isn’t my home. While I’m sure they’d find room for me if necessary, there’s not really a place for me there. The Ashworth House is my childhood home; the house where my pets are buried in the back yard, the sidewalk where I learned to ride my bike, and the driveway where I learned to park my car.

So, when my family moved out, and I helped pack, get rid of stuff, clean, and the other chores that moving families do, it was very hard on me. To memorialize this house, I took photos and incorporated them into collage paintings that became the basis for this deck of cards. I made five copies of The Ashworth Deck and gave one copy to each of my family members—me, my sisters Katie and Kellie, and my mom and dad.

I’m created a slightly revised version of this deck to offer for sale. This version of The Ashworth Deck isn’t personalized, but includes all 22 cards, plus a title card. Each card is 3.5 inches square, color printed and laminated, and presented in a paper wrapper. The cards are great to use to remind yourself of what is important about home, and can also be used as journal prompts, or even framed as individual works of art. If you’d like a copy, they’re available through my etsy shop at

A Horse and a Dad

Here’s a mini altered book I created about my relationship with my (step) dad. I fell in love with making miniature art while making this book!

This book is all about wishing for a dad when I was younger, and then realizing that there is never perfection when wishes come true. Overall size is about 2 x 3 inches, and I used gesso, collage, paint, pastel, pencil, ink, and windowscreen.

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